Info Share - Term 3, Week 5, 2022


​​This Saturday we are hosting Relay for Life, an event we as a school pride ​ourselves on. Our students are relaying from 1pm until 11pm in this closed event to recognise and celebrate local cancer survivors, honour those going through a cancer experience and to remember loved ones lost. Our mini relay event is looking to raise a minimum of $2000, with the theme of Australiana.

With the significant resurgence of the study abroad market, we are currently looking for host families for our international students seeking an opportunity to study at Hervey Bay State High School. The length of stay students are looking at our school for are either 6 month or 12 months, if you currently have a spare room and would like to host an international student please contact Aki Flux at the school for more information.
This year our Sustainability Team will continue to raise much needed funds to fight hunger and poverty, through hosting an experience you will never forget. The Hunger Banquet is an event where your purchase of a $10 ticket gives you a chance to eat a three course meal, or potentially a meal that our worlds poorest people would eat on a regular basis. It is a lottery from the moment you arrive. This event is on Wednesday the 7th September at the Creative Arts Complex, all proceeds will go to charity and we are looking to beat last years donation of $1000.
Week 5 and 6 this term has our Positive Behaviour for Learning focus on ‘being responsible and acting with integrity’. Students will be faced with situations throughout their life that will challenge their moral compass. In classes we provide opportunities and learning resources for our students to learn what it means to act with integrity and be responsible. Perfect timing for our current year 11 students seeking out school captain opportunities for 2024, applications are open next week!
Vandalism has been a big part of our school in the last two weeks, in particular with our boys causing constant damage to the toilet blocks. Every day our staff are fixing doors, that have been taken off and put on the floor or stacked on top of each other. Cleaning toilet paper from the wall to wall, and removing graffiti from the walls and doors. We are asking if you can have a conversation with your students around the responsible use of our toilet facilities, as we may be forced to limit access to the toilets in the future if the vandalism does not stop.
QATSIF applications for 2023 have now closed, QATSIF was created to give Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families increased educational choices and life opportunities. It is an independent, not for profit trust managed by The Public Trustee of Queensland that offers strategic roles to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. Scholarships on offer to students that meet criteria will help them gain better access to schooling opportunities, and in turn allow them more access to tertiary studies or full time employment.
To finish the week, Thursday we hosted Xavier Catholic College for the interschool Basketball competition. Our junior boys were exceptional with a comprehensive 61 to 49 win, while our Seniors were pushed all the way until the end with a very nervous 41 to 40 win as well. Our Human Powered Vehicle team will continue with their training this Sunday at the Sports Precinct before they have their competition in a couple of weeks time.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Dan Holloway
Deputy Principal Inclusion
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Last reviewed 22 August 2022
Last updated 22 August 2022