APEX Science


The Hervey Bay SHS Science Academic Program of Excellence (APEX) exists for students from Years 7 to 9. These students are given opportunities to access the curriculum at a deeper level of understanding and with higher levels of application of science skills to further extend academic outcomes.

This program aims to:

  • Extend and enrich Year 5 and 6 Upper 2 Band students in the field of science.
  • Build students' knowledge of Science through Years 7 to 9.
  • Build students' capacity to work collegially and collaboratively with others in their class, and to allow for student to show leadership skills.
  • Enable students to select and be successful in a wider range of pathways into science subjects in Years 11 and 12; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Program Details

The Hervey Bay APEX Science program allows students with a keen interest and capability in all areas of science to enter in Year 7 and continue in the program through to Year 9. During Year 7, students work with the same teacher for both Mathematics and Science, allowing for integration of numeracy skills to be authentically embedded into the science curriculum. Throughout Years 7-9 students are introduced to modes of assessment and skill sets which allow them to be adequately prepared for choosing senior science pathways in Years 11 and 12.

Students wishing to be enrolled in the APEX Science program in Year 7 are invited to participate in a Mathematics/Science enrichment evening midway through Year 6. This evening involves students taking part in a series of team and individual challenges which are designed to allow them to demonstrate their higher order thinking skills in both Science and Mathematics, key skills needed to be a part of the APEX Science program. The evening is also a great way for students to work together across schools in a collaborative environment.

Key Learning Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to engage with specialist teachers of Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics whom have applied to teach this subject using a curriculum which is aimed to extend the academic rigour of the Senior Science subjects.

Students are also able to participate in a range of events to extend and present their knowledge and skills obtained in the program. These include:

  • National Science Week
  • World Science Festival
  • Big Science Competition
  • ANSTO Webinars
  • STELR Project Learning​

Future Pathways

Enrolment in the APEX Science program gives students the foundations to be successful in academically challenging subjects that are offered in Senior Science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The selection of these subjects in Senior Science can lead to careers in:

  • medicine and pharmacy
  • forensic science
  • veterinary and agriculture
  • food and marine sciences
  • biotechnology and engineering
  • environmental rehabilitation
  • biosecurity and quarantine
  • conservation and sustainability
  • environmental science
  • sports science

For more information, please contact Grace Smith (Head of Department, Science) at ​

Last reviewed 27 February 2023
Last updated 27 February 2023